Table: priors
Legend: Primary key columns Indexed columns
Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default References Comments
id bigserial 19  χ   √  nextval('priors_id_seq'::regclass)
citation_id int8 19  √   χ  null
variable_id int8 19  χ   χ
phylogeny varchar 255  χ   χ  Used to note the group of plants for which the prior was specified, often the group of plants represented by the data used to specify the prior.
distn varchar 255  χ   χ  Name of the probability distribution, using R naming convention (e.g. 'beta','f', 'gamma', 'lnorm', 'norm', 'pois', 't', 'unif', 'weibull'.
parama float8 17,17  χ   χ  First parameter for distribution, as specified by R.
paramb float8 17,17  √   χ  null Second parameter for distribution, as specified by R.
paramc float8 17,17  √   χ  null A third parameter, if required.
n int4 10  √   χ  null number of observations used to specify prior.
notes text 2147483647  √   χ  null
created_at timestamp 29,6  √   χ  utc_now()
updated_at timestamp 29,6  √   χ  utc_now()
Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc priors_pkey
citation_id Performance Asc index_priors_on_citation_id
variable_id Performance Asc index_priors_on_variable_id