Table: sites
Legend: Primary key columns Indexed columns
Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default References Comments
id bigserial 19  χ   √  nextval('sites_id_seq'::regclass)
city varchar 255  χ   χ  ''::character varying Nearest city to site.
state varchar 255  χ   χ  ''::character varying If in the United States, state in which study is conducted.
country varchar 255  χ   χ  ''::character varying
mat numeric 4,2  √   χ  null Mean Annual Temperature (C)
map int4 10  √   χ  null Mean Annual Precipitation (mm)
soil varchar 255  χ   χ  ''::character varying Soil type, as described in documentation.
som numeric 4,2  √   χ  null Depreciated
notes text 2147483647  χ   χ  ''::text
soilnotes text 2147483647  χ   χ  ''::text
created_at timestamp 29,6  √   χ  utc_now()
updated_at timestamp 29,6  √   χ  utc_now()
sitename varchar 255  χ   χ 
greenhouse bool 1  √   χ  null Boolean: indicates if study was conducted in a field (0) or greenhouse, pot, or growth chamber (1)
user_id int8 19  √   χ  null
sand_pct numeric 9,5  √   χ  null
clay_pct numeric 9,5  √   χ  null
geometry geometry 2147483647  √   χ  null
time_zone text 2147483647  √   χ  null
Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc sites_pkey
geometry Performance Asc index_sites_on_geometry
user_id Performance Asc index_sites_on_user_id