Table: traits
Legend: Primary key columns Indexed columns
Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default References Comments
id bigserial 19  χ   √  nextval('traits_id_seq'::regclass)
site_id int8 19  √   χ  null Site at which measurement was taken.
specie_id int8 19  √   χ  null Species on which measurement was taken.
citation_id int8 19  √   χ  null Citation in which data was originally reported.
cultivar_id int8 19  √   χ  null Cultivar information, if any.
treatment_id int8 19  √   χ  null Experimental treatment identification. Required, can indicate observational study.
date timestamp 29,6  √   χ  null Date on which measurement was made.
dateloc numeric 4,2  √   χ  null Level of confidence in date. See documentation.
time time 15,6  √   χ  null Time at which measurement was taken. Sometimes necessary, e.g. for photosynthesis measurements.
timeloc numeric 4,2  √   χ  null Level of confidence in time.
mean float8 17,17  √   χ  null Mean value of trait.
n int4 10  √   χ  null Number of experimental replicates used to estimate mean and statistical summary.
statname statnames 2147483647  χ   χ  ''::text Name of reported statistic.
stat float8 17,17  √   χ  null Value of reported statistic.
notes text 2147483647  χ   χ  ''::text
created_at timestamp 29,6  √   χ  utc_now()
updated_at timestamp 29,6  √   χ  utc_now()
variable_id int8 19  √   χ  null Links to information in variables table that describes trait being measured.
user_id int8 19  √   χ  null ID of user who entered data.
checked int4 10  √   χ  0 accepts values [-1, 0, 1]. 0 is default, and means that data have not been checked. 1 indicates that the data have been checked and are correct, -1 indicates that data have been checked and found to be incorrect or suspicious, e.g. outside of the acceptab
access_level int4 10  √   χ  null Level of access required to view data.
entity_id int8 19  √   χ  null
method_id int8 19  √   χ  null
date_year int4 10  √   χ  null
date_month int4 10  √   χ  null
date_day int4 10  √   χ  null
time_hour int4 10  √   χ  null
time_minute int4 10  √   χ  null
Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name
id Primary key Asc traits_pkey
citation_id Performance Asc index_traits_on_citation_id
cultivar_id Performance Asc index_traits_on_cultivar_id
entity_id Performance Asc index_traits_on_entity_id
method_id Performance Asc index_traits_on_method_id
site_id Performance Asc index_traits_on_site_id
specie_id Performance Asc index_traits_on_specie_id
treatment_id Performance Asc index_traits_on_treatment_id
user_id Performance Asc index_traits_on_user_id
variable_id Performance Asc index_traits_on_variable_id